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Wife Asserts Herself Part I

Life had been good to us up to now, married 3 years, good jobs and all that went with them. So far we had no children but our sex life was good and still in the honeymoon phase with us shagging about 4 times a week. It also included experimentation, with my wife Sandy willing to dress up and role-play on a regular basis if I asked. Sandy has never been a prude, always willing to show off her 38D 29 36 figure to its best advantages in short skirts and tie tops, even going knickerless in the summer months and boots in the winter. On several occasions I have caught her bending over a little too far and showing her bosom to the waiter or pump attendant or openly flirting with the postman and guy next door. The only thing I felt lacking was her wiliness to dominate me and lead the way in bed; or anywhere else. One day I came home to find Sandy sitting in the chair watching T.V. she usually got home after me, she’d been crying and her eyes were still puffy. Putting my arms around her I gave her a cuddle before asking what was wrong. It appeared that the company she worked for had been taken over and some people were going to be made redundant. She had already been warned that the advertising dept, where she worked, was high on the list to go but said that she had been summoned to the Director’s office the following morning. She was to give a presentation on how they where going to sell the next product, it would be then decided on who would keep their jobs. Now Sandy hadn’t been in the dept long and so thought the others stood a far better chance especially as all the top people in the new company were men. Wishing to help her I asked what the product was that she had to sell, but was taken back when she said panties. It turned out that the new company sold lingerie. At first I didn’t see what the problem was, her company sold clothes and she had some good ideas but then she pulled it out of her handbag. A lacy pair of French panties was thrust into my hands and she burst into tears again. Slowly I held them up, black baggy and very sexy French panties unfolded in front of me, then I noticed the crotch; it was slashed open! For the next 2 hours we racked our brains to try and come up with an original marketing plan. Finally we decided upon a gimmick were dogs would wear the panties and get frisky together while in the park; not a great idea I have to admit. We decided to call it a night and went upstairs. As I followed Sandy her ass wiggled in front of me as one by one she climbed the stairs, my cock began to stiffen as I slid my hand up the inside of her left thigh, I said if all else failed she could always wear them and seduce the Directors.
In the morning I left for work first as usual, we hadn’t had sex the night before as she said she wanted to be fresh for the presentation. Around 4pm Sandy rang me at work, she said that the presentation had gone very well but they wanted to see more of it later, she would be late home. I went home with a Chinese take-away. Around 9pm I was getting anxious but then the phone rang, it was Sandy. They still weren’t convinced and wanted more proof so she said not to wait up, I asked where she was only to hear her say that they had gone back to their hotel to finish off in comfort. She then said that she might have to take them out on the town to try and seal the deal; it could be a very late night. Later I went to bed, my mind thinking through what more could they possibly need to see while my full balls ached from the night before. Just after1am the phone rang again, I was in the middle of a wank and jumped up flushed, Sandy said she was all right and that her job would be safe; then she said she’d see me in the morning. Before I could ask her what was going on she was gone from the phone, but before it was hung up I could here her in the background giggling and telling somebody to stop it – the line went dead.

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6:30am and I was wide-awake reaching across the bed for Sandy, only she wasn’t there, in fact 10am arrived and went. Finally at 10:15 she walked in through the front door, my worry turned to anger and I asked her where the hell she’d been. “Shut up and follow me,” she said walking straight past and up the stairs. As she went before me I looked up and for the first time took notice of what she was wearing, a white blouse under her black jacket, a short black skirt and just a glimpse of lacy stocking top as she climbed each step. In the bedroom she sat on the bed and kicked off her ‘fuck me pumps’, 4”black patent leather heels, before flopping back her skirt rising up again. Her arms went up above her head and the blouse pulled tight to reveal her braless nipples trying to push through the material, her makeup was freshly applied. Stunned I tried to speak only again to be told to shut up and listen, she and taken my advice and now her job was not only safe but she had been promoted to the manager of the advertising dept. What fucking advice I asked? To seduce the Directors of course silly she replied. I just stood there lost for words as she lay back on the bed, her skirt rising higher and bite marks on her breast showing through. She said that I shouldn’t be too shocked, I’d always wanted her to take a dominant role and the other day she’d found my porno mags, the ones about a husband watching his wife with another man; cockold she thought it was called. She looked at me and smiled, “now kneel and lick my pussy,” she said. Slowly I sank to by knees and without uttering a word moved between her now open thighs. Starting at her knees my hands slid along her sheer stockings; up over the lacy top and onto her creamy thighs, slowly I pushed her skirt higher as she lifted her bum off the bed. Suddenly there they where, the black French panties that had started all this; the crotch slit wide open and her pussy nestled between. Her pussy lips where wide open and all puffed up, her mound had been shaved completely bare but wasn’t smooth, something had dried rough on it. Finally as her breathing grew faster I touched her clit, it stood erect and as I did so she squeezed her cunt, milky white fluid seeped out on to the bed! “I said lick me, now” she demanded grabbing my hair and forcing my face into her. Slowly I began to lap at her leaking cunt, urged on by her words and hair pulling. Ten minutes later she came, her pussy going into spasm forcing out the final few drops of another mans spunk, she told me to go to work, she wanted to sleep and would talk to me later.

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Later after a very poor day at the office I pulled into the driveway at home, Sandy’s car was now parked there; she must have taken a taxi home this morning. Inside the door I called out to her, she replied from the bathroom that I should wait in the bedroom for her. Sat on the edge of the bed I waited for her, the water stopped running and she walked in wrapped in a large bath towel. Quickly I stood up and in a raised voice asked her what the fuck was going on; she looked at me. “Sit down” she said quietly but in the same commanding voice she had this morning. She said she had taken my advice on the presentation and that it was a great success, in fact she was going to have to work tonight as they had some more items that needed her urgent attention. Again I asked what advice, to be told that she had worn the panties and seduced the Directors – no she had fucked them senseless! Then she stood up and let the towel fall, her pubes had been shaved off, her nipples were large and had love bites around them and her belly button had been pierced. Then she took out some bright red underwear out a bag on the bed, as she put it on my mind began to race. The bra was only a quarter cup, pushing up her firm 38D breasts so that the nipples stood out over the top pointing straight at me. The panties were less than an inch wide, the g-string back cutting up between her ass cheeks to disappear, the front splitting open the labia of her now bare peach. “Umm, how do you think I could market these” she said with a smile. As she started to side into the tightest pair of velvet trousers I told her she wasn’t going out dressed like that! Quickly she spun round and knocked me onto the bed, “I’ll fucking do what I like and you know you love it, besides if you’re good I might let you fuck me as well” she said. Then she sipped her jacket on, no blouse or anything, it only just covered her nipples. “Don’t wait up and no wanking, see you later” she cried as she flew down the stairs and out of the front door. Looking out of the bedroom window I expected her to climb into a taxi, only she didn’t. She kissed the man full on the lips, his hands running over her bum down onto her legs before slowly working their way back up again, only this time between her thighs. Finally he opened the rear door and as she climbed in I saw what looked like two others sat in the back seat. Off they drove to god knows where. That night I couldn’t sleep, my hard on stiff between my legs and her words echoing round my head “I might let you fuck me as well, don’t wait up and no wanking”.


Dawn didn’t come quick enough, the sun rising over the trees at 4:30, but still no sign of Sandy. As I stood over the toilet trying to piss, my erection choking the flow, I heard a car pull up in the driveway. Diving over the bed to look out of the window I recognised it as the one she’d left in. Sandy finally emerged from the back seat; only she didn’t enter the house alone. Downstairs I could hear her talking to the driver, her voice was husky and rather sexy mixed in with her giggles. She gave a small squeal and I heard them start to come up the stairs, about half way up the footsteps stopped and again I heard a little squeal from my wife. Finally they continued and the bedroom door opened. Sandy stood there, her panties in her left hand, a smile on her face and his cock in her right. “This is Domonic” she said, he had driven her home after she had shown the Directors the new range of underwear and how they would market it, the only problem was he wasn’t in the meeting and so didn’t know the game plan; she had offered to show him. “Go and get some drinks for us, there’s a doll” she said in that dominant tone she’d used yesterday. As I left the bedroom he knelt in front of her and slowly began to peel off her trousers, she flicked the door closed behind me. It took me about ten minutes to assemble a small tray, 3 glasses, vodka, whiskey and a bottle of rum with a small bowl of ice, finally I was ready to return upstairs. Step by step as I grew closer to the bedroom door my cock stiffened, I could hear Sandy’s sexual moaning coming from inside. I couldn’t open the door and so decided to tap on it with my foot, Sandy said to wait! Finally her moaning grew louder and louder until the unmistakable sound of her climax hit me, Dominic opened the door and stood back to let me in; he was wiping something from his face as I passed. Inside Sandy just layback on the bed, her legs wide open and her knees pulled up. The front of her jacket was open and her nipples standing out like, glistening in the light from the cum that had dried over them. She looked up and told me to stand at the side of the bed, to hold the tray so that they could reach and most of all not to speak; if I did I would have to wait outside. Dominic by now was removing his clothes, first his shirt then trousers, he didn’t wear underpants, besides his cock was already sticking out like a huge flagpole. Finally he poured them both a shot of vodka as he sat on the end of the bed, directly between her open legs. Sandy said that now he had warmed her up she wanted to close the deal; she rolled over and pushed her bottom up in the air. Flashing me a huge grin he moved further up and behind her, his hands ran over her bum and gripped her thighs, his cock at the entrance to her pussy. “Umm now show my wimp of a husband how to fuck a woman properly,” she said, reaching back to guide his cock into her. Inch by inch he pushed it in, at first I didn’t think she would be able to take it all but the tonguing he had given her earlier seemed to work and soon his balls bottomed out. Reaching forward he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head backwards, she let out a low grunt as her back arched and his cock sunk that extra half-inch. Finally he began to move, slowly at first but as she egged him on quicker and quicker. Several long minutes later she howled, her climax shooting though her body, his ass muscles tensed and his seed filled her cunt. Slowly he pulled out, long strands of cum linked the two of them as she began to turn round eventually to face him. Opening her mouth she stuck out her tongue and licked the milky liquid from him, sucked him in whole, nearly down to his balls. Afterwards Sandy lay back and looked at me “What’s the matter, I thought you liked this sort of thing” she said, “Not that it matters, because from now on you will do as I say or you can fuck off back to mommy. I know the true meaning of being fucked and if you want any you will have to learn to obey me”. With that she lay back and again opened her legs, “Now get here and clean me up” she said pointing to her pussy. I put the tray down and crawled on to the bed between her thighs, cum ran out of her swollen crack and down onto the sheets as slowly I went down on her. The taste was different to mine, sweet and lots more; she held my head between her knees as I lapped away. Later they pushed me out of the bedroom and closed the door, throughout the night I sat outside listening to her moans as he fucked her over and over; it was 7:30 before she called me in again to clean up after him.


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